great big clouds!
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Today we actually sorted out the den. Removed the smelly carpet. It felt great to finally achieve something we been talking about doing but never seem to get around to it. The parquet floor looks so much nicer and the room has suddenly become a lot ‘bigger’ looking.

We have been watching ’24’. This show makes me crazy. It’s so tense. But so far we’re sort of enjoying it.

In three days it’s my birtdhay. ( yay me!) I never thought I’d reach 40, but here I am about to tick over to 41. This year in difference to many /most others I plan to celebrate. This will be a ME day. It will be a fabulous day.

And on Friday FL comes to visit! I am so happy!!! It’s going to be fun! I hope the weather holds. It has been beautiful here. Sunny, warm and lovely.

These clouds are formed by föhn winds. Pretty aren’t they?