okay, so i am typing this one handed. yep sans caps because that requires two hands or my nose. Monday saw me gilding two huge sca scrolls that i have for coronation, lots of gold work. i have a love hate relatioship with gilding and gold, as do, i suspect most scribes.

anyway… i spent many – around 4- straight hours gilding and when i was too stiff and had to move i got up. about half an hour later i realised my left wrist ached… ow..

an hour later i realised it didn’t just ache i had DONE something to it. oh boy have i done something to it. i can’t frigging move it and slight twist ot flexing of fingers send shards of screaming needle like pain from wrist to elbow and back again. – bugger!

so…here i am typing with one hand, having to clean house for tomorrw’s inlaws visit. how do i explain this to my gp-doc?

yeah doc, i sustained some sort of traumatic wrist injury gilding an sca scroll…. and they say scribing is a gentle art!

until then, be excellent to each other!