@clubjade: “Their best bet, honestly, is to give a strong female lead and then sexualize her.”(twitter)

With attitudes like this it’s no wonder there’s a bit of an uprising going on over lack of well written female characters in Star Wars.

http://clubjade.net/?p=39261  reading this well thought out post and then reading the comments especially by the person named Chris leaves me shaking my head.

I suppose I could write a long rambly post on my thoughts about all of this but other people have said it better so I won’t. Instead I will just say that smart people, both male and female appreciate well written, well thought out characters. Badly written star wars books sell because they are star wars and people buy the name, Good writing will sell even more. Aiming for quality and equality is not detrimental to sales.

This won’t change until there is enough pressure to do so and that will only happen if enough people get vocal and push for it.