that while yammering on about how we need to bring ourselves as a kingdom more in line with what is now considered period… at an event not too long ago,  a German who sang a medieval song in medieval German was asked to do  it in English and at that same event during a conversation it was uttered, apparently according to one American, that Germans have no sense of medieval knightly romance ( what ever the fuck that means) that it’s all the French.

So in the process of sneakily stripping away over 20 years of tradition because it’s not perfectly period ( this is the SCA after all I don’t think we can even use those words together with the name SCA ever) and then getting called out over it because telling one story to one person and another to another person didn’t work out quite as well as planned, and whinging because we need to be more period and having a device for the consort isn’t period said same person wanted a medieval song sung in medieval German redone in English.

I must admit the irony of this is not lost on me.

Now oh so many of us are counting down the days